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Volvo is a brand that many associate with safety and innovative engineering — but it’s also a performance brand. After all, performance is a by-product of great design, and Volvo's are literally dripping with great design. Still, Volvo didn't tune their vehicles to maximize performance, which is where aftermarket Volvo tuning comes into play. Check out some of these parts that will unleash the power of your Volvo.

EST Power Packs – Are you ready to go all in when it comes to performance? These power packs are the most straight forward way to safely increase horsepower. They are available in various stages, all starting out with an ECU upgrades, and the choice of a filter or air intake — they then advance to kits like this stage 3 kit with the addition of a cat-back exhaust and turbo down pipe. Pick one these up and you can see gains up to almost 70 horsepower.

Turbo Intercoolers – Aftermarket intercoolers are essentially a radiator that allows intake air charger to be cooled before it enters your Volvo’s engine. An efficient intercooler design can increase power by 5%-10%. We also carry intercooler accessories like this hose kit that’s made to replace the OE hoses, while proving greater levels of pressure and temperature resistance.

Coil Upgrade Kits – Upgrading the stock coil will compliment the performance of your Volvo. Kits like these are made to improve spark output and plug directly into your distributor cap — resulting in greater efficiency.

These are just a few of the parts we recommend checking out when it's time to improve your Volvo S60's tuning, your 850's tuning, etc. In terms of finding the best selection and prices for Volvo performance parts, is proud to be the #1 source of Volvo tuning parts online. Shop for your Volvo below!

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