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RICA i-Softloader ECU Upgrade

RICA i-Softloader ECU Upgrade


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RICA i-Softloader ECU Upgrade

SKU: i-Softloader-01

Quick Overview

  • Improve performance with the touch of a button!

  • Greatest HP gain per dollar then any other upgrade

  • Increase horsepower, torque and fuel economy

  • Program via the OBD2 port in your driveway

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When you want fine-tuning on your Volvo to be easy, the one-touch RICA i-Softloader ECU upgrade might be your answer. It’s priced so you can get the most horsepower per dollar over competing products, but it does more than increase horsepower. You’ll also get more torque and better fuel efficiency.

This hand-held programmer from RICA Tuning doesn’t require you to use a laptop. You can do your tuning through the OBDII port while you’re still parked in your own driveway. This is 100 percent Volvo service compliant and lets you retain any further Volvo software updates any time you go to the dealership. It stores your settings and allows you to revert back easily to Volvo’s standard programming for dealer visits.

If you install the RICA i-Softloader Sync program onto your computer, you can download the files you have purchased and upload them to your vehicle. The RICA i-Softloader can also be used on more than one Volvo. All you need to buy is the program for each vehicle. It comes with a built-in error check, so you can’t program the wrong vehicle.

You can also use the RICA i-Softloader to do basic diagnostic work on your Volvo.

At EuroSport Tuning, we only sell parts that we’d put on our own cars and brands that we believe in. We offer fast shipping and often same day order fulfillment. Get more from your Volvo by ordering a RICA i-Softloader ECU upgrade today.

Additional Information

Manufacturer RICA
Metal Finish N/A

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Volvo C30 2008 T5 FWD
Volvo C30 2009 T5 FWD
Volvo C30 2010 T5 FWD
Volvo C30 2011 T5 FWD
Volvo C30 2012 T5 FWD
Volvo C30 2013 T5 FWD
Volvo C70 1999 2.3L HPT Convertible
Volvo C70 1999 2.3L HPT Coupe
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Volvo C70 1999 2.4L LPT Coupe
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Volvo C70 2000 2.3L HPT Coupe
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Volvo C70 2000 2.4L LPT Coupe
Volvo C70 2001 2.3L HPT Convertible
Volvo C70 2001 2.3L HPT Coupe
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Volvo C70 2001 2.4L LPT Coupe
Volvo C70 2002 2.3L HPT Convertible
Volvo C70 2002 2.3L HPT Coupe
Volvo C70 2002 2.4L LPT Convertible
Volvo C70 2003 2.3L HPT Convertible
Volvo C70 2003 2.4L LPT Convertible
Volvo C70 2004 2.3L HPT Convertible
Volvo C70 2004 2.4L LPT Convertible
Volvo C70 2006 T5 FWD
Volvo C70 2007 T5 FWD
Volvo C70 2008 T5 FWD
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Volvo S40 2005 T5 AWD
Volvo S40 2005 T5 FWD
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Volvo S40 2008 T5 FWD
Volvo S40 2009 T5 AWD
Volvo S40 2009 T5 FWD
Volvo S40 2010 T5 AWD
Volvo S40 2010 T5 FWD
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Volvo S60 2001 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2002 2.4T AWD
Volvo S60 2002 2.4T FWD
Volvo S60 2002 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2003 2.4T FWD
Volvo S60 2003 2.5T AWD
Volvo S60 2003 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2004 2.5T AWD
Volvo S60 2004 2.5T FWD
Volvo S60 2004 R AWD
Volvo S60 2004 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2005 2.5T AWD
Volvo S60 2005 2.5T FWD
Volvo S60 2005 R AWD
Volvo S60 2005 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2006 2.5T AWD
Volvo S60 2006 2.5T FWD
Volvo S60 2006 R AWD
Volvo S60 2006 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2007 2.5T AWD
Volvo S60 2007 2.5T FWD
Volvo S60 2007 R AWD
Volvo S60 2007 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2008 2.5T AWD
Volvo S60 2008 2.5T FWD
Volvo S60 2008 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2009 2.5T AWD
Volvo S60 2009 2.5T FWD
Volvo S60 2009 T5 FWD
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Volvo S70 1999 GLT FWD
Volvo S70 1999 T5 FWD
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Volvo S80 1999 T6 FWD
Volvo S80 2000 T6 FWD
Volvo S80 2001 T6 FWD
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Volvo S80 2003 T6 FWD
Volvo S80 2004 2.5T AWD
Volvo S80 2004 2.5T FWD
Volvo S80 2004 T6 FWD
Volvo S80 2005 2.5T AWD
Volvo S80 2005 2.5T FWD
Volvo S80 2005 T6 FWD
Volvo S80 2006 2.5T AWD
Volvo S80 2006 2.5T FWD
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Volvo V50 2006 T5 AWD
Volvo V50 2006 T5 FWD
Volvo V50 2007 T5 AWD
Volvo V50 2007 T5 FWD
Volvo V50 2008 T5 AWD
Volvo V50 2008 T5 FWD
Volvo V50 2009 T5 AWD
Volvo V50 2009 T5 FWD
Volvo V50 2010 T5 AWD
Volvo V50 2010 T5 FWD
Volvo V50 2011 T5 FWD
Volvo V70 1999 AWD AWD
Volvo V70 1999 GLT FWD
Volvo V70 1999 R AWD
Volvo V70 1999 T5 FWD
Volvo V70 2000 GLT FWD
Volvo V70 2000 R AWD
Volvo V70 2000 T5 FWD
Volvo V70 2001 2.4T FWD
Volvo V70 2001 T5 FWD
Volvo V70 2002 2.4T AWD
Volvo V70 2002 2.4T FWD
Volvo V70 2002 T5 FWD
Volvo V70 2003 2.4T FWD
Volvo V70 2003 2.5T AWD
Volvo V70 2003 T5 FWD
Volvo V70 2004 2.5T AWD
Volvo V70 2004 2.5T FWD
Volvo V70 2004 R AWD
Volvo V70 2004 T5 FWD
Volvo V70 2005 2.5T FWD
Volvo V70 2005 R AWD
Volvo V70 2005 T5 FWD
Volvo V70 2006 2.5T FWD
Volvo V70 2006 R AWD
Volvo V70 2007 2.5T FWD
Volvo V70 2007 R AWD
Volvo XC70 2003 2.5L AWD
Volvo XC70 2004 2.5L AWD
Volvo XC70 2005 2.5L AWD
Volvo XC70 2006 2.5L AWD
Volvo XC70 2007 2.5L AWD
Volvo XC90 2003 2.5T AWD
Volvo XC90 2003 2.5T FWD
Volvo XC90 2003 T6 AWD
Volvo XC90 2004 2.5T AWD
Volvo XC90 2004 2.5T FWD
Volvo XC90 2004 T6 AWD
Volvo XC90 2005 2.5T AWD
Volvo XC90 2005 2.5T FWD
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