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Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bushing

Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bushing


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Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bushing

SKU: PFF88-600

Quick Overview

  • Improved Performance

  • Increase Safety

  • Made from Polyurethane

  • Prolonged tire life

  • Greater Cost-Effectiveness

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Availability: In stock




    The original rubber bushing have proven to be a weak link that that can fail prematurely and allow the suspension to rock and move during acceleration, braking and corning, significantly affecting the handling and performance of the car. Powerflex improved polyurethane material is stronger and the 2 piece design allows for easy installation without special tools. To inspect your mount, look for signs of the rubber separating where it is attached to the outer housing.

    These bushings are sold in the required number for one car for the specified location.


    Additional Information

    Manufacturer PowerFlex
    Metal Finish N/A

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    Make Model Year Submodel Drivetrain
    Volvo S60 2001 2.4L FWD
    Volvo S60 2001 2.4T FWD
    Volvo S60 2001 T5 FWD
    Volvo S60 2002 2.4L FWD
    Volvo S60 2002 2.4T AWD
    Volvo S60 2002 2.4T FWD
    Volvo S60 2002 T5 FWD
    Volvo S60 2003 2.4L FWD
    Volvo S60 2003 2.4T FWD
    Volvo S60 2003 2.5T AWD
    Volvo S60 2003 T5 FWD
    Volvo S60 2004 2.4L FWD
    Volvo S60 2004 2.5T AWD
    Volvo S60 2004 2.5T FWD
    Volvo S60 2004 R AWD
    Volvo S60 2004 T5 FWD
    Volvo S60 2005 2.4L FWD
    Volvo S60 2005 2.5T AWD
    Volvo S60 2005 2.5T FWD
    Volvo S60 2005 R AWD
    Volvo S60 2005 T5 FWD
    Volvo S60 2006 2.5T AWD
    Volvo S60 2006 2.5T FWD
    Volvo S60 2006 R AWD
    Volvo S60 2006 T5 FWD
    Volvo S60 2007 2.5T AWD
    Volvo S60 2007 2.5T FWD
    Volvo S60 2007 R AWD
    Volvo S60 2007 T5 FWD
    Volvo S60 2008 2.5T AWD
    Volvo S60 2008 2.5T FWD
    Volvo S60 2008 T5 FWD
    Volvo S60 2009 2.5T AWD
    Volvo S60 2009 2.5T FWD
    Volvo S60 2009 T5 FWD
    Volvo S80 1999 2.9L FWD
    Volvo S80 1999 T6 FWD
    Volvo S80 2000 2.9L FWD
    Volvo S80 2000 T6 FWD
    Volvo S80 2001 2.9L FWD
    Volvo S80 2001 T6 FWD
    Volvo S80 2002 2.9L FWD
    Volvo S80 2002 T6 FWD
    Volvo S80 2003 2.9L FWD
    Volvo S80 2003 T6 FWD
    Volvo S80 2004 2.5T AWD
    Volvo S80 2004 2.5T FWD
    Volvo S80 2004 2.9L FWD
    Volvo S80 2004 T6 FWD
    Volvo S80 2005 2.5T AWD
    Volvo S80 2005 2.5T FWD
    Volvo S80 2005 T6 FWD
    Volvo S80 2006 2.5T AWD
    Volvo S80 2006 2.5T FWD
    Volvo V70 2001 2.4L FWD
    Volvo V70 2001 2.4T FWD
    Volvo V70 2001 T5 FWD
    Volvo V70 2002 2.4L FWD
    Volvo V70 2002 2.4T AWD
    Volvo V70 2002 2.4T FWD
    Volvo V70 2002 T5 FWD
    Volvo V70 2003 2.4L FWD
    Volvo V70 2003 2.4T FWD
    Volvo V70 2003 2.5T AWD
    Volvo V70 2003 T5 FWD
    Volvo V70 2004 2.4L FWD
    Volvo V70 2004 2.5T AWD
    Volvo V70 2004 2.5T FWD
    Volvo V70 2004 R AWD
    Volvo V70 2004 T5 FWD
    Volvo V70 2005 2.4L FWD
    Volvo V70 2005 2.5T FWD
    Volvo V70 2005 R AWD
    Volvo V70 2005 T5 FWD
    Volvo V70 2006 2.4L FWD
    Volvo V70 2006 2.5T FWD
    Volvo V70 2006 R AWD
    Volvo V70 2007 2.4L FWD
    Volvo V70 2007 2.5T FWD
    Volvo V70 2007 R AWD