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RICA Engineering performance parts deliver the maximum performance for your sport vehicle regardless of whether your fuel is gas or diesel. With RICA Engineering’s unique software, you can remap the ECM on your Audi, BMW, Volvo or Volkswagen in your own driveway. Since 1992, RICA Engineering has used highly advanced techniques to chip tune your engine. carries these advanced engine management systems.

RICA Engineering uses in-house development to continually update and test their software. Their development team can ensure that there will be no damage to your engine or gearbox because they use a MAHA 4WD rolling road with the ability to handle up to 850 HP for their testing environment.

Other Features

  • - TUV certified
  • - Iso 9001 certified
  • - Maximum reliability
  • - Customer support and backup
  • - Fully dealer compliant

You will find that the RICA Engineering software meets the European emissions legislation and the results were supported by testing from the independent Euro 4. These test results make RICA Engineering the only chip tuner who has been able to carry out this result. The test results show that their software has the ability to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 15 percent. Even higher yields were determined when the software was upgraded to E-power.

Whether you want to chip tune your Audi Quattro or your Volvo V70, EuroSport Tuning offers you the finest products for European performance vehicles, and our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions. Order your RICA Engineering performance parts today.

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