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Whether you need to update or upgrade the suspension on your Audi TT or your Volkswagen Passat wagon, EuroSport Tuning carries the right V-MAXX suspension parts for the job. V-MAXX Autosport is known for offering a complete range of innovative design components for your Audi, BMW, Volvo or Volkswagen performance vehicles. Their accolades include positive results from independent tests performed by magazines like Redline and Elaborare, and their products are endorsed by a number of European sport Internet forum users.

V-MAXX carries a selection of sport suspension and brake products for the sport vehicle. They are based in the Netherlands, and all of their products are German TUV approved. All products have a 2-year warranty.

All of V-MAXX kits have been road tested for ride and stability. V-MAXX coilovers are for everyday driving on both smooth and rough surfaces. Brake kits from V-MAXX are designed using the same technology that they use to create the brakes for the racing circuit.

Product Lineup

  • - Big brake kits
  • - Sport spring kits
  • - Coilover kits
  • - Xtreme coilover kits

You will find a wide selection of V-MAXX coilovers, suspension parts, brake kits and more at where you will find great customer service from a knowledgeable staff. Order your V-MAXX suspension parts today!

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