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Piloti is Italian for drivers, and Piloti’s shoes live up to the image of fearless drivers who have taken on some of the tracks and roads that Europe has offered. Audi, BMW, Volvo and Volkswagen owners who are serious about their driving comfort need shoes that are not only comfortable to wear, but have safety in mind. When working the clutch in a European sports car, footwear must be designed to offer flexibility with superior craftsmanship from the heel to the toe for the best performance.

Piloti shoes offer:

  • - Biomechanical technology
  • - Extreme comfort
  • - Patented Roll Control
  • - Nomex lining and threads

Since 1999, Piloti has been the driver’s choice in shoes. The shoes use a patented Roll Control that cushions the heel and the sides of the right foot while there is minimal side foot well contact. This keeps the driver’s feet secure and comfortable, and it results in fewer foot injuries. Heat and vibration cause foot injury in long races like the LeMans 24 Hour race. Piloti has designed their shoes to prevent these problems.

Serious drivers use Piloti shoes when they are driving, but they also find them comfortable enough for everyday wear. carries shoes in a variety of styles and sizes. EuroSport Tuning is committed to providing you with exceptional customer service from our knowledgeable staff. We carry the finest products for European performance vehicles, as well as the gear you need to make your ride comfortable and safe. Order your Piloti shoes today.

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