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MSS Suspensions

MSS Suspensions

" When I took delivery of a sports car in 2009, I found that it was biased towards performance at the expense of comfort and control. As both a keen driver and engineer, I refused being told by the manufacturer that it was ‘as good as it gets’ and set out to figure out the true cause of the issue. I was surprised to discover that the factory struts performed well - the problem was related to the springs. Armed with nothing more than a great idea and a determination to disrupt the sector, I joined forces with Eibach, one of the world’s most respected and capable suspension manufacturers, to conceptualise a radical new suspension system. Production started in 2013 and we soon shipped the first one hundred kits. Today, MSS solutions are available for an ever increasing range of vehicles, and in three states of tune - Urban, Sport and Track, giving our customers not only enhanced performance but also a new level of comfort, control and confidence while driving."

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