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Go Pro

The best thing about having a performance vehicle like an Audi, BMW, Volkswagen or Volvo is being able to share your driving capabilities matched with the performance of your vehicle. GoPro car kits are an excellent way to capture your driving experience to share. The GoPro mounts for cars, cameras and car kits are designed to give you hands-free filming while giving your viewers a firsthand viewing experience.

GoPro is dedicated to helping people capture their lives and share these in a more meaningful way with others. Originally envisioned by Nicholas Woodman as a way for people to document their lives with a start in the surfing industry, he quickly understood that his cameras were going to change the way that people played. He enjoys connecting with users on GoPro’s Facebook page and seeing all the ways that people who do extreme sports are sharing their adventures with both their fans and with him. People have embraced these cameras as more than the best camera for filming surfing segments, but as the best camera for thrilling viewers and showing off their sports.

GoPro creates versatile cameras to suit a number of applications. Their high-definition cameras are made to capture the extreme in video. They are rugged, compact, lightweight and can be worn or mounted on your vehicle. From cameras to mounting equipment and extra batteries, has the accessories you need to capture your wild ride.

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