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Brake Pads - Rear

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When it comes to brakes, Brembo brings your sport tuner tremendous stopping power. Their extensive racing history has made them a premier choice for anyone who relies on high performance brakes.

Brembo turned 50 years old in 2011, and their storied career in the sporting industry is filled with successes. They started as a small garage operation when Emilio Bombassei and Italo Breda began their brake business. They began by producing discs for cars in 196 and bikes in 1972. They moved to F1 series cars in 1975 when they put their own braking system on the Ferrari GP cars. Their advanced technological innovation and research gave them an advantage over other brake manufacturers. Their manufacturing processes have led them to become a prestigious worldwide brand.

With that type of racing history behind them, it makes sense to add Brembo products to your vehicle. Buy Brembo at EuroSport Tuning today.

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