The Volvo 240/260 is one of the original disrupters. Before 1975, domestic cars dominated the US market. But the 240/260, with its safety features and four-speed manual gearbox, won over American drivers (and drivers around the world). The vehicle was so successful that people kept buying the 240 even after Volvo introduced vehicles to succeed it.


That love lives on, and that's why we produced our new ebook, An Unofficial History of the 1975–1993 Volvo 240/260 Series. In this free PDF download, you'll learn about:

  • Volvo's detailed design choices
  • The story behind Volvo 240/260 engines, including engine codes
  • Differences in the European vs. US Volvo markets
  • And a whole lot more!

Click here to get your copy of An Unofficial History of the 1975–1993 Volvo 240/260 Series. If you're a Volvo fan, this is a must-read. At less than 30 pages, there's no reason not to.