There are lots of different ways to improve your V70R’s performance. Some upgrades deliver more power and value than others. If you’re looking for the best Volvo V70R performance upgrades, check out this list.

1. ECU Upgrade

An ECU upgrade is basically overwriting the engine map with new parameters that improve your engine’s performance. (This is also called ECU remapping.) With a computer program or a handheld device, you can reprogram your ECU via the OBD2 port. This is a great way to drastically improve your engine’s performance without the need to mess with the parts under the hood. You will need to run premium fuel, which your engine is already designed to do.

For Volvo cars, we highly recommend the RICA i-Softloader. It’s designed specifically to boost performance in Volvo cars, including the V70R. It even comes with a handheld programmer that allows you to do your tuning right in your driveway without the need for a laptop.

2. Cat-Back Exhaust

Cat exhaust

Cat-back exhaust systems are known for adding a deep throaty sound. But they also offer more power and improved fuel economy. A cat-back exhaust system reduces back pressure, which amps up your horsepower and fuel economy.

Are you looking for a quality cat-back exhaust kit specifically designed for V70R models? The Mototec/EuroSport Tuning Sport Edition is a good option. If you’re looking for something a bit quieter, consider the Mototec/EuroSport Tuning Touring Edition.

3. Turbo Downpipe

Turbo downpipe

Upgrading to a turbo downpipe is a great way to drastically boost your V70R’s horsepower. A good turbo downpipe, like this Mototec turbo downpipe, increases the exhaust flow rate and simplifies the path. In other words, a turbo downpipe really boosts your car’s performance, especially in high throttle situations.

This article explains the benefits of a turbo downpipe in more detail.

4. Intercooler


If you run higher boost than stock, or just drive hard, you would benefit from an upgraded intercooler. The OEM intercooler is only designed for stock engines. It has plastic end tanks that don't hold up well to higher boost levels. An all aluminum intercooler is built to work with increased power. They are more durable, and also cool air more efficiently, helping your engine produce more power.

Are you upgrading the intercooler on your V70R? You can’t go wrong with this do88 aluminum intercooler that's designed for 2001-2007 V70R's. This intercooler mounts in the OEM intercooler location, which makes it easy to install.

5. Intercooler Piping Kit

Cooler pipe kit

Sometimes upgrading to an aluminum intercooler isn’t enough if you drive a lot at high boost levels. OEM plastic pipes and rubber hoses are too restrictive to maximize performance. They also tend to crack under higher pressure.

Installing a good turbo pressure pipe kit will provide enough strength and airflow for an all aluminum intercooler to do its job . This do88 turbo pressure pipe kit contains 4-layered silicone hoses and custom pipes that are larger in diameter. It’s a solid upgrade for a tuned Volvo V70R.

Bonus Upgrade: LED Interior Bulb Kit

LED kit

If you’re going to boost your V70R’s performance, you might as well spruce up its appearance. A relatively inexpensive way to do it is to upgrade the lights inside your car to high-quality LEDs.

This EuroSport Tuning V70 LED Interior Bulb Kit provides brighter lighting that will transform your car's interior appearance. These lights emit a 180-degree light pattern, which is a massive upgrade from the standard LED light that only shines light in one direction.

Please contact us if you have any questions about any of the upgrades listed in this article. We’d love to chat with you!