Looking to maximize your McLaren’s potential? The solution is easy: make performance upgrades! A few upgrades will drastically boost your car’s performance.

Which upgrades are the most effective, though? You can’t go wrong with the following top three upgrades:

1. Install a Performance Exhaust System

Exhaust Mclaren

Thinking about upgrading your existing performance exhaust system or installing a whole new performance exhaust system? If so, your car will see an increase in power and improved fuel economy due to increased airflow. As an added bonus, your car may sound throatier, depending on what upgrades you make to the exhaust system.

For McLarens, we highly recommend two brands: Akrapovic and AWE Tuning. Both brands offer high-quality exhaust systems and components for McLarens. We carry tips, catalysts, clamps, and entire performance exhaust systems.

2. Lowering Springs


When you upgrade your suspension system, your car’s performance and handling improve considerably. Lowering springs are the best way to tweak your suspension system. They lower your car's center of gravity, which enhances your handling. As a result, you’ll experience:

  • Quicker turn in
  • Reduced drag at high speeds
  • Reduced body roll through corners

When it comes to lowering springs, quality is everything. A high-quality set of lowering springs will lower your car while retaining the stock spring rate. AWE Tuning is one of the few brands that stay true to the McLaren’s stock spring rate. In our catalog, you’ll find lowering springs for the 570S and 650S models:

3. Install Lightweight Wheels

Light wheels

Image Credit: Vorsteiner Wheels

Not all performance modifications need to be done under the hood. Swapping your stock wheels for lightweight performance wheels will reduce rotational inertia. This means that less energy is required to accelerate and stop. As a result, your McLaren has improved stopping power and quicker acceleration. Lightweight wheels also reduce the amount of unsprung weight that your suspension must manage. You'll feel a subtle, but noticeable improvement in ride quality.

If you want a high quality set of lightweight wheels, we swear by the Vorsteiner Nero brand. We carry Vorsteiner Nero wheels for various McLaren models.

With a new exhaust system, lowered springs, and lightweight wheels, your McLaren will be a force to be reckoned with.