Installing performance-boosting parts is a rite of passage for performance-oriented Audi owners. Are ready to roll up your sleeves and get right down to work? The first thing you have to do is to decide which mods you want to make to your Audi.

We’re here to help with that. Here’s a list of the most popular modifications among Audi owners. All of these mods will benefit your car in great ways.

1. Performance Motor Mounts

Performance motor mounts may be small in size, but they’re actually a massive upgrade from stock motor mounts.

Motor mounts

Stock motor mounts tend to start out soft and get sloppy as they age. This causes wheel hop on hard acceleration. They also make the vehicle feel less refined, especially as you start to modify the engine to increase power.

Installing quality performance motor mounts will improve feel of your drivetrain. To see an example, check out this Street Density set for Audi B8 and B8.5 models. Performance motor mounts are designed to limit unwanted noise and vibration, which can really put a damper in your Audi’s comfort.

2. Turbo Test Pipe

Many Audi owners upgrade to a turbo test pipe to increase horsepower and torque. It’s an affordable upgrade that makes a big difference.

Test pipe

When it comes to turbo test pipes, quality is important. You want a test pipe that’s made of high-quality stainless steel and is bent and welded flawlessly. For example, this test pipe that replaces the catalytic converter behind the turbocharger on Audi B8 models is a popular buy.

Just note that a turbo test pipe might not be street legal in your area.

3. New Grille

A grille upgrade is an easy and inexpensive way to completely change the look of your Audi.

Audi grille

There are many designs you can choose from, including these for starters:

See more high-end aftermarket Audi grilles here.

4. Performance Diverter Valve

Boost leaks are common in Audis, but the good news is that they’re easy to fix. All you need to do is to replace your OEM diverter valve with a performance diverter valve.

Diverter valve

A good one will have a high-performance spring and piston design to handle increased boost pressure.

5. Boost Tap

A lot of Audi performance enthusiasts will add a boost gauge to their vehicle. To do that they need to add a boost tap to the turbo to take a measurement.

Boost tap

This boost tap is very popular, and is often paired with a vent mounted boost gauge like this one.