Let’s face it: For Canadian customers, international shipping is a hassle, even when it’s from a reputable dealer like ECS Tuning. The process can be expensive and can take way too much time when all you want is to get your parts, install them, and get back on the streets. So when we say that EuroSport Tuning is your one-stop shop for aftermarket performance, we mean it.

That’s why we ship any product listed on ECS Tuning’s website directly to our Canadian customers for a discounted rate. How do we do this? We have ECS Tuning products delivered every week to our New York warehouse before transferring them back to our Oakville, Ontario location. From there, we ship them directly to you for much a much cheaper rate than if you ordered them direct from ECS Tuning.

Looking to get a fresh new mesh-style grille for your Audi A4? Done. How about a single mass flywheel conversion kit for your Mini Cooper? Covered. Even a new rear shock absorber for your BMW E36 after a rough winter could be at your doorstep in no time without the stress of international shipping.

For pricing on any ESC Tuning product, simply find the product SKU on ECS T tuning’s website, copy it, and go to our Canadian website by clicking on the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner.

ECS Savings 1

Then, in the search bar, type “ES” and paste the SKU number. This brings up the product and allows you to order it directly from our website, saving you money. From there, you can either pick it up directly or have it shipped from our warehouse.

ECS Savings2

At EuroSport Tuning, we’re all about exceeding your expectations. If you have any questions about ECS Tuning products and how to order them, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 905-825-9334.