No matter how much you love your Volvo S60 or V70, there are always ways to improve its performance. A good way to do it is to upgrade the downpipe.

What is a Downpipe?

Volvo downpipe

A downpipe is the exhaust pipe that runs between your exhaust manifold and the portion of the exhaust system behind the catalytic converter (catback). The downpipe has a catalytic converter integrated into it. Many Volvo owners choose to swap their factory downpipe for a performance pipe in order to boost their car’s horsepower.

If you have a vehicle that’s equipped with a turbocharger, an aftermarket downpipe is beneficial. Stock downpipes restrict exhaust flow and will “stifle” your turbocharger. A well-built downpipe provides more room for exhaust gases to flow faster. This allows your turbo to spool up quicker and helps your engine make more power. Read more about the science of downpipes here.

Here are the two main reasons why a performance downpipe is a good investment:

1. A Downpipe Gives Your Volvo More Horsepower

This is the main reason people upgrade to an aftermarket performance downpipe. You don’t even need a turbocharger to enjoy the extra power a downpipe gives. The stock downpipe in Volvo S60 and V70 models is designed to minimize cost and make assembly easier. An aftermarket performance downpipe is larger in diameter and straighter, allowing the exhaust gases flow out better.

2. A Downpipe Drastically Reduces the Back Pressure in the Exhaust System

An exhaust system can have too much back pressure if you increase your engine’s power without modifying the exhaust system to accommodate the added exhaust flow. This can cause a few bad things to happen:

  • Increased emissions
  • Decreased fuel economy
  • Reduced performance (ironically)

Installing a downpipe with a diameter that’s only half an inch larger than the stock pipe will make a huge difference. It’ll reduce the exhaust back pressure and allow your engine to push air out more efficiently.

Top Recommended Downpipes For Volvo S60 and V70 Models

Volvo exhaust

Image Credit: NM30Arms

At EuroSport Tuning, we carry only the best brands. We selected Mototec because they are respected and established manufacturer of premium downpipes. We also make our own downpipes with high quality T304 stainless steel. We handpicked the following downpipes for Volvo S60 and V70 models:

Got any questions about the downpipes we sell? Please contact us. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions!