If you’re wondering what your fellow European sports car enthusiasts are saying about the exhaust products made by Mototec, you’re in luck. We looked through many different online forums and shops to find out where Mototec exhaust products stand.

The general consensus is that Mototec exhaust products are worth the investment. Check out some of the reviews we found:

“One of the Few Truly Easy to Install Exhaust Kits Out There”

Mototec exhaust 1

SwedeSpeed user krudmuphin posted a comprehensive review on the Mototec exhaust kit he purchased for his Volvo S40. He raved about a few features:

  • The fact that the Mototec exhaust kit was really easy to install
  • How amazing the oval exhaust tips looked
  • How smooth and quiet the exhaust system sounded

Mototec 2

He capped off his review with this statement: “This is the perfect exhaust system if you’re looking for something pretty and rather quiet, but still gives your car a sportier tone.”

“No Quality Issues as Far as Exhaust Leaks”

In this Audizine thread, user TwinTipSkier mentioned that he installed his Mototec Sport catback exhaust system three years ago. Since the installation, he hasn't had any exhaust leaks. And, “[The] back boxes still polish up nice in the summer,” he added.


In that same thread mentioned above, another user raved about the price of his Mototec catback exhaust system. “I picked up a Mototec catback a little over a year ago for $735 shipped!”

“Really Happy With the Sound and Dyno Gains”


YouTube user Nicolas Behar posted a video of the brand spankin’ new Mototec Sport exhaust kit on his Volvo C30 T5. He commented on how happy he was with the sound and dyno gains. Another user commented that the Mototec exhaust system sounded better than one made by a major competitor.

Finding Top Quality Mototec Exhaust Products For Your Car

Judging by the reviews all over the web, it’s clear that you can’t go wrong with Mototec exhaust products. At EuroSport Tuning, we carry at least 50 different Mototec exhaust kits and tips. Whether you own a Volvo, SAAB, or another European performance-oriented make, you'll benefit from this catalog of Mototec exhaust systems and tips.