Italian businessman Lapo Elkann once said, “Real luxury is customization.”

Akrapovic, one of our favorite high-end aftermarket brands, took that saying to heart when they developed their luxurious exhaust systems and components.


Image Credit: Akrapovic

A true European company, Akrapovic is known for innovation. Akrapovic’s exhaust parts are stronger, more heat resistant, and lighter than anything built with stainless steel. Its products are used by performance car enthusiasts, including at least 100 racing champions, all over the world. As you might expect, the company’s founder Igor Akrapovic was a performance car and motorcycle enthusiast himself.

The Beauty of Akrapovic Exhaust System Parts

Many aftermarket manufacturers build generic exhaust systems and parts. Not Akrapovic. They treat their exhaust system parts like works of art. This innovative brand makes all kinds of Euro sports exhaust system parts, including:

  • Sound kits
  • Tail pipe sets
  • Headers
  • Tips
  • Entire exhaust systems

These are not ordinary exhaust system parts. Akrapovic designed their exhaust system parts with performance in mind. The parts are lightweight to improve the vehicle’s handling, acceleration, and braking. They’re also designed to create a louder, throatier sound. For instance, this Akrapovic exhaust system comes with a sound kit built in.


Image Credit: Akrapovic

Not only does Akrapovic build their parts to optimize your car’s performance, but they also pay special attention to the aesthetics of their parts. This brand’s innovative nature really shines through the design alone. With an Akrapovic exhaust system, your Euro sports car immediately transforms into a work of art. Just take a look at this Akrapovic race line exhaust system for 2006-2009 Porsche models. It’s as functional as can be, but the company still took great care to make it look amazing. The entire design, including the titanium tips, transforms the car’s appearance.

If you’re looking for the pinnacle of luxury, look no further than Akrapovic.