BMW cars are as fast and sophisticated as they come. Hollywood clearly agrees, as BMW cars are among the biggest key players in movie car chase scenes. A BMW car hits all of the hallmarks of a successful vehicle used in a car chase: fast, agile, and aesthetically pleasing.

To see what we mean, take a look at 4 of the most riveting BMW car chase scenes of all time:

1. Ronin

In this famous car chase, Natascha McElhone handles the E34 M5 like a pro. Robert De Niro is not far behind, tailing her in a Peugeot 406. This 1998 car chase scene is a great portrayal of the E34 M5’s throaty engine, balanced handling (through these narrow French roads), and elegance. Considering how fast and agile the E34 M5 is, it’s pretty impressive how Robert De Niro managed to keep up in the modest family car he was driving. But, then again, he’s Robert De Niro. And, it's a movie.

2. Transporter

If this 2002 car chase scene doesn’t showcase how beautiful and agile the BMW 7 Series E38 is, we’re not sure what does. Jason Statham takes an E38 out for a spin up and down the twisty roads in a scenic French town with the police struggling to keep up in Peugeots. Throughout the entire scene, Statham remains cool as a cucumber. Even when he’s driving against the traffic and dodging all the cars coming right at him. It must be because he knows the E38 will never fail him.

3. Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies may be made over two decades ago, but you’d think that it was released yesterday because it features the high-tech BMW 750iL owned by James Bond (played by Pierce Brosnan). It’s rigged with tear gas, delivers electric shocks, launches rockets from the roof, and automatically seals and inflates its own tires.

In this car chase scene at the Atlantic Hotel parking garage, James Bond has his 750iL distract the villain’s cronies with tear gas. Next, he hops into the back seat and controls the vehicle via his cell phone while keeping his head down and safe from all the bullets.

While the 750iL is obviously not as high-tech in real life, this scene still shows how much of a great and reliable sports sedan it is.

Here’s a fun fact: the BMW 750iL even has its own James Bond Wiki page!

4. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

This car chase is quite a heart pounder. In most movies, a regular daily driver is chasing a proper performance car (or vice versa), but in this movie, all of the vehicles are BMWs. One is a BMW M3, and the rest are BMW motorcycles.

Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) rips through the streets of Casablanca in a BMW M3 while chasing the elusive Isla Faust (and dodging her associates). Next, he switches to a BMW S 1000 RR motorcycle.

Here’s a fun fact: Tom Cruise did all of the stunts in this scene, including the ones on a motorcycle! With a high-adrenaline car chase like this, it’s hard not to sit at the edge of your seat with bated breath.

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