If you own an Audi or Volkswagen with the 1.8T engine and are looking for ways to improve its performance, this list is for you.

Here’s a list of five engine upgrades that will drastically boost your 1.8T’s performance and help it reach its full potential.

1. Blowoff Valve

Blowoff valve

A blowoff valve is a small pressure release component you add to your turbo system. Its purpose is to prevent turbocharger and engine wear. It does this by releasing pressurized air into the atmosphere when the throttle is lifted or closed instead of forcing it into the intake manifold.

Another benefit a blowoff valve offers is that it gives your 1.8T engine an aggressive chuffing sound. Some people install a blowoff valve just to give their car that unique racecar sound.

If you want to install a blowoff valve in your Audi or Volkswagen, you’ll need to get a kit. Our HKS SSQV Blowoff Valve Kit is a full installation kit that comes with everything you need, including the blowoff valve and all the fasteners and tubes necessary. It allows you to bolt everything onto your motor safely without the need to cut or weld anything.

2. Turbocharger


Even though your 1.8T engine already has a turbocharger, you can always upgrade it to give your engine even more power. A good aftermarket turbo kit will boost your car’s horsepower while maintaining its stock-like quick spooling characteristics.

We make a point to carry only the best turbo kits made specifically for 1.8T engines:

  • GT28RS Turbo Kit: A bolt-on, direct fit turbo kit with a genuine Garrett GT28RS turbocharger and KKK exhaust housing; comes with all installation accessories and instructions
  • K04-001 Turbo Upgrade Kit: A full bolt-on, direct fit turbo upgrade kit with a genuine KKK K04-001 turbocharger, 034 Motorsport exhaust manifold, software, fuel injectors, gaskets, and more

3. Motor Mounts

Motor mounts

Even though performance motor mounts don’t give your engine more power, they’re still a great upgrade because they drastically improve your car’s driveline feel. When you have a manual transmission, and drive with spirit, you might notice quite a bit of driveline slop. Having a set of quality motor mounts on your car makes a noticeable difference in how your car feels when you're driving hard.

When shopping for a set of motor mounts, you want something that’s designed with performance in mind and built with high-quality rubber. Bonus points if you find motor mounts that are free of void or fluids because that will completely eliminate any drivetrain slop.

At EuroSport Tuning, we only carry the highest quality motor mounts. This pair of motor mounts designed for 1.8T engines paired with a manual transmission fits the bill. Not only is it built with high-durometer rubber and is void-free and fluid-free, but it also comes with more benefits:

  • 60% stiffer than stock
  • Crisper shifting
  • Minimal wheel hop
  • No significant increase in noise or vibration
  • More direct power transfer
  • Complete drop-in replacement

If this pair of motor mounts isn’t your cup of tea, we carry several more motor mounts for the 1.8T engine. Check them out here.

4. Catch Can Breather


Installing a catch can breather is a great way to prevent oil vapor blow-by from entering the intake manifold. Turbo engines have higher combustion chamber pressure than regular engines. There’s a higher likelihood that the fuel, air, and moisture will get pushed past the piston rings into the crankcase. Consequently, turbo engines usually have high crankcase pressures. The stock PCV valve and hose direct oil vapor and crankcase gases back into the intake manifold. As a result, the oil vapors will coat the inside of the intake manifold. Over time, gunk will build up inside the intake manifold and damage it and related components.

A catch can breather kit is an inexpensive solution to this problem. It separates oil vapors from crankcase gases. The oil flows back into the crankcase, and the gases move on to be burned. This catch can breather kit is specifically designed for the 1.8T engine. It contains all the parts you need to fully upgrade your factory PCV system, including:

  • 034 Motorsport custom baffled Vortex breather can
  • Durable silicone hoses
  • Clamps, fittings, and hardware

5. Intercooler


If you live in a hot climate, you might benefit from a front mount intercooler. While the stock twin intercoolers inside your car may work in mild climates, heat soak is an issue in hot weather. It decreases your car’s power. A high-quality front mount intercooler solves that problem and helps keep your 1.8T’s power up all the time.

This front mount intercooler kit has everything you need to keep your 1.8T engine cool.

Got any questions about the upgrades listed here? Contact us to chat with us!