Getting an Audi TT is only the beginning of an exciting journey. While the TT is already a great sports car, its full potential won’t be reached without a few upgrades.

Which upgrades will deliver the most bang for the buck? You can’t go wrong with the five upgrades in this list. They’re both affordable and surefire ways to significantly boost your TT’s performance.

1. Tuning the ECU

When you tune your ECU, you’re adjusting its parameters to work optimally with the performance modifications you make to your TT. This will instantly increase power. If you load your TT with a bunch of performance mods, then it’s highly recommended to tune your ECU.

When shopping for an ECU tuner, look for one that’s specifically designed for your vehicle. A universal tuner can cause problems because it’s not completely compatible with your vehicle.

We recommend APR or 034Motorsport for many reasons. The biggest ones are:

  • Stage maps: If you add more upgrades to your TT, you can get the stage map to match your upgrade.
  • Compatibility with Audi TT models: Here's some tuners designed just for Audi TT models.
  • Free software updates: If a dealer overwrites your parameters, we will restore the tune to your vehicle. Or if APR or 034Motorsport releases a revised version of their tune it is free, there is just a charge of $95 for our labor time to install it.

2. Relocating the Intercooler

The intercooler is one of the most vital components in terms of maximizing the performance of a turbocharged engine. By relocating the intercooler to the front of the vehicle, it works better to reduce the intake air temperatures. This in turn makes the turbo more efficient.


When shopping for an intercooler, you'll want:

  • A larger size than stock
  • A core design that’s optimized for performance
  • Aluminum tanks

This do88 front mount intercooler is a popular buy among Audi TT owners.

3. Upgrading to a Performance Downpipe

Audi tt

Replacing the OEM downpipe with an aftermarket performance unit is a simple, low cost way to substantially boost horsepower. Downpipes are also available with high flow cats if you can't go with a catless downpipe.

This Milltek sport downpipe comes without a catalytic converter. It is made of T304 aircraft grade stainless steel and is designed to maximize your TT’s performance.

4. Installing Bigger Exhaust Tips

Many people seem to believe that this exhaust upgrade is only for cosmetic purposes. It’s not necessarily true. The right set will also boost engine power because it’s designed to make it easier for the engine to expel exhaust gases.

For instance, these Mototec Sport Dual 4” tips come with single 3” piping that splits into twin 2.5” pipes. This design allows for more exhaust gases to run through faster than stock. This in turn increases your TT’s performance (and gives it a throaty sound).

5. Upgrading the Shocks and Springs

This is without a doubt one of the best upgrades you could give your Audi TT if increasing its performance is your ultimate goal. There’s no use in increasing your engine output if you’re going to keep your factory shocks and springs. You won’t be able to make the most out of your under-the-hood upgrade(s).

Shocks springs

This Koni Sport Cup Kit does a fantastic job of increasing the TT's responsiveness and cornering ability without ruining the ride. If you take your TT around a track or autocross course, you'll notice a big difference.

Got any questions about any of the Audi TT performance upgrades listed here? Feel free to contact us!