When it comes to performance driving, the sway bars play a huge role in keeping your car feeling planted. Are the OEM sway bars in your Audi good to use for performance driving? Should you upgrade to aftermarket sway bars? Are aftermarket sway bars worth the investment?

While OEM Audi sway bars are well built, they’re not tuned for high performance driving. Audi's are sold as performance luxury vehicles, and the suspension is tuned for that market. Therefore high quality aftermarket sway bars are absolutely worth the investment if you drive harder than the average Audi driver.

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Why OEM Sway Bars Aren’t Ideal For Performance Driving

OEM sway bars are designed for regular, every day driving. Their purpose is to limit body roll through corners. However, they're not meant for performance driving, which is far more demanding than regular driving. When you're driving hard with OEM sway bars, expect a lot of body roll in the corners and less precise handling.

OEM sway bars are usually made of a solid or hollow steel bar. They are designed with a spring rate that matches the car's suspension for comfortable daily driving. They typically have rubber mounting bushings and rubber isolated links. Rubber isolators are inexpensive and compliant for daily driving, but give too much for performance driving.

The Right Aftermarket Sway Bars Make a World of Difference in Handling and Ride Quality

Aftermarket companies are so successful because they offer higher performance alternatives to OEM parts. While some OEM parts do okay in performance driving, sway bars absolutely need to be upgraded. In fact, aftermarket sway bars are actually one of the first upgrades many people do when they want to improve the handling of their vehicle.

Aftermarket sway bars are stiffer than OEM sway bars and many come with polyurethane or hybrid bushings. That reduces body roll and improves steering precision, even in the most aggressive driving conditions. Yet, as sway bars are minimally active when going straight down the road, they have little or no impact on ride quality.

Not all aftermarket sway bars are equal, though. To get the most bang for your buck (and to enjoy the best ride quality possible while cornering), outfit your car with an aftermarket sway bar that's made by a reputable brand. At Euro Sports Tuning, we make a point to carry only the best brands we can find.

In our catalog, you'll find sway bars, end links, and bushings by 034Motorsport and SuperPro. Not only are these great brands to work with, but also their parts are made with high quality materials and expert workmanship.

The internet is loaded with positive reviews about 034Motorsport and SuperPro sway bars. Let's take a look at a few of them.

034Motorsport Sway Bar Reviews

034 Swaybar

"The quality of the 034 rear bar and brackets is top notch. The rear sway bar set to soft and the X-brace are my only suspension mods. The rear end is more responsive to steering input while turning and the car now changes directions much better. There are no noises and the car still rides very well. A very OEM+ mod." - A customer named David C.

SuperPro Sway Bar Reviews

Swaybar kit

"[My SuperPro] endlinks are stiff and very heavy duty. Most importantly, as someone who goes on edge listening to clunks and rattles, I appreciate the quiet operation of these units." - A customer named Sam B.

"I’m very impressed with the quality of [my SuperPro] endlinks. The bushings look great, the welds are smooth and neat, and the rubber dust boots are at least 3 times as thick as the aftermarket endlinks I am replacing. Simply put, this product looks and feels built to last. Steering feel is back to tight and precise. The endlinks are quiet and perform great. The worry is gone and these end links disappear into the background. I really enjoy my car now,, just as things should be. I recommend this product without hesitation." - A customer named Michael P.