Funny thought: if we added the word "game" to the end of that title, this post would probably get some traffic courtesy of those looking to improve their short game.

Fortunately for you (and unfortunately for golfers), we eat, live and breath Volkswagens. Until VW comes out with their own line of clubs, we'll stick to the Golf we know and love...the kind with 4 wheels.

For those who share our VW love, here are 9 ways to upgrade your Golf:

Flush Kit

Upgrade Golf flush kit

You know that "sucked in" look factory wheels tend to have? An ECS Tuning Flush Kit for your Golf R pushes the wheels out for a cleaner profile both front and rear. In addition to the slick look, you'll also get better handling and grip around tight corners.

Part no. ES2863543

Digital Vent Gauge

Upgrade Golf gauge

There's no better way to monitor your Golf's performance data than with a digital vent gauge. This plug-and-play upgrade seamlessly integrates into your Golf so you can monitor performance on the go.

Part no. LVP3VGT4

Cold Air Intake

Upgrade Golf cold air

A custom designed cold-air intake carries more oxygen to the engine compartment, delivering maximum power and torque. The resulting horsepower increase and better sounding engine makes this upgrade well worth it.

Product no. 21-490B

Sway Bars

Upgrade Golf sway bar

Sway bars not only make your Golf safer but also increase lateral stiffness and reduce body roll. They can also be tuned to correct oversteering and understeering. This gives you improved handling response and feedback.

Product no. 70340

Intercooler Upgrade

Upgrade golf intercooler

Installing a more efficient intercooler improves airflow for more reliable horsepower and a better overall performance. It's a pretty basic process: more cool air in, more horsepower out.

Product no. FMMK7FMIC

Control Arms

Upgrade golf control arm

Alloy control arms allow more freedom during high-performance use, not to mention noise reduction.

Part No. VWR45G501

Coilover Kit

Upgrade golf coilover kit 

Looking for that sporty yet comfortable drive in your Golf? With a coilover kit, you can adjust your ride to get the perfect stance for needs.

Product No. VM60AV04

Exhaust Kit

Upgrade Golf exhaust

This is one of those parts that not only improves performance but also looks cool. A sport exhaust delivers a sharper throttle response, less weight, and reduced back pressure for maximum performance. If you're looking for a genuine performance edge, an exhaust kit is the way to go.

Part no. SSXVW165

Carbon Fiber Mirror Shells

Upgrade golf carbon fiber

Replacement carbon fiber mirror shells might not directly improve your Golf's performance, but boy are they slick and sporty looking. With a consistent weave and professional clear coating, these shells might be just what you need to tie your look together.

Part no. KWCVW503

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