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Whether your steering system needs to be repaired or upgraded, EuroSport Tuning has all the steering system components you need. In our inventory, you’ll find seal kits, tie rod assemblies, power steering pulleys, and more. We carry steering parts made by the best aftermarket brands: 034 Motorsports and ECS.

Upgrading your steering rack with top-of-the-line aftermarket components ensures increased durability, handling and more reliable steering performance, all of which are important for performance cars.

When you want to eliminate the slop in your steering wheel and address the knocking or creaking noise in your steering system, your best bet is to upgrade your tie rod. OEM tie rods tend to fail over time. Since tie rods are made to keep your car’s wheel path straight, tie rod failure can severely damage other parts and cause an accident on the road. That’s why upgrading to a well-built aftermarket tie rod is a great solution.

At, you'll find only the best aftermarket steering parts at competitive pricing. Take a look and see what we have for your car!

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