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Puddle / Side View Mirror LED Light Bulbs - C30 S40 V50

Puddle / Side View Mirror LED Light Bulbs - C30 S40 V50


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EMD BA9S 9SMD 5050W LED - Pair


Puddle / Side View Mirror LED Light Bulbs - S60 V70

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Puddle / Side View Mirror LED Light Bulbs - C30 S40 V50


Quick Overview

The puddle lights which are located below the mirror on most models are designed to make it easier for you to see at night. Yet, stock bulbs struggle with this simple task, as their dull yellow light is less than appealing and not bright enough to be noticeable. These new LED bulbs from will solve those issues.

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When you get the EMD LED puddle lights, you get a pair of high output replacement bulbs that will illuminate the ground brilliantly. On top of their increased performance, they will look brilliant as well and give your vehicle a classier appearance. Installing them into your vehicle is a breeze, as you just pop out the old bulbs and insert these new ones.

We have tried many different brands of bulbs and these will not cause any error codes or flash like most other LED bulbs on the market. Please check your vehicle before ordering to make sure that you have puddle lights located on the bottom of the mirrors as not all model years have them.

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Make Model Year Submodel Drivetrain
Volvo C30 2007 T5 FWD
Volvo C30 2008 2.4i FWD
Volvo C30 2008 T5 FWD
Volvo C30 2009 2.4i FWD
Volvo C30 2009 T5 FWD
Volvo C30 2010 2.4i FWD
Volvo C30 2010 T5 FWD
Volvo C30 2011 T5 FWD
Volvo C30 2012 T5 FWD
Volvo C30 2013 T5 FWD
Volvo S40 2004 2.4i FWD
Volvo S40 2004 T5 FWD
Volvo S40 2005 2.4i FWD
Volvo S40 2005 T5 AWD
Volvo S40 2005 T5 FWD
Volvo S40 2006 2.4i FWD
Volvo S40 2006 T5 AWD
Volvo S40 2006 T5 FWD
Volvo S40 2007 2.4i FWD
Volvo S40 2007 T5 AWD
Volvo S40 2007 T5 FWD
Volvo S40 2008 2.4i FWD
Volvo S40 2008 T5 AWD
Volvo S40 2008 T5 FWD
Volvo S40 2009 2.4i FWD
Volvo S40 2009 T5 AWD
Volvo S40 2009 T5 FWD
Volvo S40 2010 2.4i FWD
Volvo S40 2010 T5 AWD
Volvo S40 2010 T5 FWD
Volvo S40 2011 T5 FWD
Volvo V50 2005 2.4i FWD
Volvo V50 2005 T5 FWD
Volvo V50 2006 2.4i FWD
Volvo V50 2006 T5 AWD
Volvo V50 2006 T5 FWD
Volvo V50 2007 2.4i FWD
Volvo V50 2007 T5 AWD
Volvo V50 2007 T5 FWD
Volvo V50 2008 2.4i FWD
Volvo V50 2008 T5 AWD
Volvo V50 2008 T5 FWD
Volvo V50 2009 2.4i FWD
Volvo V50 2009 T5 AWD
Volvo V50 2009 T5 FWD
Volvo V50 2010 2.4i FWD
Volvo V50 2010 T5 AWD
Volvo V50 2010 T5 FWD
Volvo V50 2011 T5 FWD