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EMD LED License Plate Bulb Kit - S60 V70

EMD LED License Plate Bulb Kit - S60 V70


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R55 LED Reverse Bulb - Single


Puddle / Side View Mirror LED Light Bulbs - S60 V70

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EMD LED License Plate Bulb Kit - S60 V70


Quick Overview

Update the look of your Volvo without sending a lot of money with the EMD LED license plate light bulb kit. If you've spent any time around cars, then you know how boring and ugly the OEM yellow license plate bulbs look. They are dim and washed out, often detracting from the overall look of your car at night.

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EMD Lighting is proud to introduce LED license plate bulbs for your Volvo that will not throw a bulb out code. These lights are direct replacement bulbs that install in minutes, there is no need to wire up fancy resistors or hack your factory wiring to get these to work.

Simply remove your plate light assembly, replace the factory incandescent bulb with our EMD LED bulbs, and re-install the plate light assembly.

If the bulb does not illuminate, remove the housing and reverse the bulbs position. LED bulbs have a polarity, so they must be installed correctly to illuminate.

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Make Model Year Submodel Drivetrain
Volvo S60 2001 2.4L FWD
Volvo S60 2001 2.4T FWD
Volvo S60 2001 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2002 2.4L FWD
Volvo S60 2002 2.4T AWD
Volvo S60 2002 2.4T FWD
Volvo S60 2002 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2003 2.4L FWD
Volvo S60 2003 2.4T FWD
Volvo S60 2003 2.5T AWD
Volvo S60 2003 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2004 2.4L FWD
Volvo S60 2004 2.5T AWD
Volvo S60 2004 2.5T FWD
Volvo S60 2004 R AWD
Volvo S60 2004 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2005 2.4L FWD
Volvo S60 2005 2.5T AWD
Volvo S60 2005 2.5T FWD
Volvo S60 2005 R AWD
Volvo S60 2005 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2006 2.5T AWD
Volvo S60 2006 2.5T FWD
Volvo S60 2006 R AWD
Volvo S60 2006 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2007 2.5T AWD
Volvo S60 2007 2.5T FWD
Volvo S60 2007 R AWD
Volvo S60 2007 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2008 2.5T AWD
Volvo S60 2008 2.5T FWD
Volvo S60 2008 T5 FWD
Volvo S60 2009 2.5T AWD
Volvo S60 2009 2.5T FWD
Volvo S60 2009 T5 FWD
Volvo S80 1999 2.9L FWD
Volvo S80 1999 T6 FWD
Volvo S80 2000 2.9L FWD
Volvo S80 2000 T6 FWD
Volvo S80 2001 2.9L FWD
Volvo S80 2001 T6 FWD
Volvo S80 2002 2.9L FWD
Volvo S80 2002 T6 FWD
Volvo S80 2003 2.9L FWD
Volvo S80 2003 T6 FWD
Volvo S80 2004 2.5T AWD
Volvo S80 2004 2.5T FWD
Volvo S80 2004 2.9L FWD
Volvo S80 2004 T6 FWD
Volvo S80 2005 2.5T AWD
Volvo S80 2005 2.5T FWD
Volvo S80 2005 T6 FWD
Volvo S80 2006 2.5T AWD
Volvo S80 2006 2.5T FWD
Volvo V70 2001 2.4L FWD
Volvo V70 2001 2.4T FWD
Volvo V70 2001 T5 FWD
Volvo V70 2002 2.4L FWD
Volvo V70 2002 2.4T AWD
Volvo V70 2002 2.4T FWD
Volvo V70 2002 T5 FWD
Volvo V70 2003 2.4L FWD
Volvo V70 2003 2.4T FWD
Volvo V70 2003 2.5T AWD
Volvo V70 2003 T5 FWD
Volvo V70 2004 2.4L FWD
Volvo V70 2004 2.5T AWD
Volvo V70 2004 2.5T FWD
Volvo V70 2004 R AWD
Volvo V70 2004 T5 FWD
Volvo V70 2005 2.4L FWD
Volvo V70 2005 2.5T FWD
Volvo V70 2005 R AWD
Volvo V70 2005 T5 FWD
Volvo V70 2006 2.4L FWD
Volvo V70 2006 2.5T FWD
Volvo V70 2006 R AWD
Volvo V70 2007 2.4L FWD
Volvo V70 2007 2.5T FWD
Volvo V70 2007 R AWD
Volvo XC70 2003 2.5L AWD
Volvo XC70 2004 2.5L AWD
Volvo XC70 2005 2.5L AWD
Volvo XC70 2006 2.5L AWD
Volvo XC70 2007 2.5L AWD
Volvo XC90 2003 2.5T AWD
Volvo XC90 2003 2.5T FWD
Volvo XC90 2003 T6 AWD
Volvo XC90 2004 2.5T AWD
Volvo XC90 2004 2.5T FWD
Volvo XC90 2004 T6 AWD
Volvo XC90 2005 2.5T AWD
Volvo XC90 2005 2.5T FWD
Volvo XC90 2005 T6 AWD
Volvo XC90 2005 V8 AWD
Volvo XC90 2006 2.5T AWD
Volvo XC90 2006 2.5T FWD
Volvo XC90 2006 V8 AWD