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  1. Power Steering Supply Hose, 8D0422887AC, B5 Audi S4 & C5 Audi A6/allroad 2.7T, Reinforced Flourosilicone

    This Fluorosilicone Power Steering Supply Hose for the B5 Audi S4 & C5 Audi A6/allroad 2.7T is designed to replace the factory rubber hose (8D0422887AC) with with a high-quality, power steering fluid compatible, 4-ply reinforced fluorosilicone one. This durable, high quality fluorosilicone hose was modeled directly off of the factory power steering system to ensure perfect fit and finish.
  2. Intercooler, 400hp Garrett GT High Density with Cast End Tanks

    400 is a really nice, round number. It's half of 800, twice 200, not quite 500, but way more than 300. 400 horsepower is what this Garrett GT intercooler is designed to be used with. Really well designed, in fact, with a high efficiency bar-and-plate core design, and high flowing cast aluminum endtanks.
  3. Intercooler Hose Set, Silicone, Early Audi S2, 3B

    Intercooler hose set for the Early Audi S2 with 3B engine code. Includes all intercooler plumbing pressure hoses such as turbo outlet, intercooler outlet and throttle body inlet boot. High quality reinforced silicone, the finest quality and fit, modeled off of OEM hoses.
  4. Camshaft Bolt, ARP, 1.8T Cam Pulley

    With much testing and development, we have worked with ARP to offer an aerospace grade cam pulley bolt, which allows for a larger clamping force on the cam pulley. This added clamping force will ensure that the joint does not slip, shearing the keyway on the pulley.
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6 Item(s)