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  1. Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Thermostat Housing

    The last thermostat housing you'll ever need!
  2. ECS S54 Viton Seal Plate Kit

    Replaced when servicing your VANOS unit to ensure proper sealing. A long term sealing fix versus OEM part # 11367831906.
  3. ECS M62TU Vanos Seal Rebuild Kit

    If your car has cold start rattle or power loss, then replacing VANOS seals is probably the answer
  4. Complete ECS M62tu Vanos Rebuild Kit

    A complete kit for to refresh all of the important areas when servicing your VANOS so nothing is missed
  5. Basic ECS M62tu Vanos Rebuild Kit

    Featuring the Basic necessities to get your VANOS refreshed to restore engine performance
  6. M62TU Vanos Tool

    Required when rebuilding your M62tu Vanos to ensure the proper crimping without bending the contact pins.
  7. VANOS Solenoid O Ring Kit

    Viton Fluoroelastomer resists degradation from heat and oil exposure. Includes 4 sets of O-rings to rebuild all VANOS solenoids!
  8. O-Ring - Priced Each

    Found on the end of the VANOS pressure limiting valve
  9. Build-Your-Own ECS S54 VANOS Rebuild Kit

    Restore lost power by replacing your failed VANOS seals with the right material and updated components
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Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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