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To prevent damage to your engine, you will have to occasionally replace your timing belt. And if you drive harder than average, it wouldn't hurt to do the job a little ahead of schedule. Definitely don't let it slide. Fortunately, EuroSport Tuning has every aftermarket part you’ll need to successfully accomplish this. We have a wide variety of timing belt kits, from Standard to Ultimate Plus. The exact contents of the kits will vary based on the car. Typically Standard kits include the belt, tensioner, and rollers. Ultimate kits also include the water pump, thermostat, and accessory belt. Ultimate Plus kits include all of that, plus the correct coolant for your car. And, for some vehicles, there are kits with underdrive pulleys. Top tier service and fast, affordable shipping set EuroSport Tuning apart from other companies. Place your order with us today!

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  1. Cam Gear, Autotech, Audi I5 20v or VW 16v and 058 1.8T

    Cam gear is CNC-crafted entirely from both 6061 & 7075-T6 aluminum. The main portion including the teeth is hard-anodized for durability. The inner hub is anodized red. All factory timing marks are on the gear, to ensure simple, accurate installation. All marks are laser engraved. The gear is held firmly in your desired setting with ARP stainless flange-head screws.
  2. Cam Sprocket, Adj, 5-Valve

    See description below.

  3. Timing Belt, 10V I5 Late

  4. Timing Belt Kit, 1.8t, AEB/ATW

    See description below.

  5. Timing Belt Kit, 1.8T, AWP

    034Motorsport Timing Belt Kits are a comprehensive assortment of OEM parts needed when performing a timing belt overhaul service.
  6. Timing Belt Kit, 2.2T, AAN/ABY/ADU

    See description below.

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7 Item(s)