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High Flow Intercooler Charge Pipe Kit

High Flow Intercooler Charge Pipe Kit


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Chargepipe With BOV Kit


Intercooler Coupler - Outlet

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High Flow Intercooler Charge Pipe Kit

SKU: ES2984761

Quick Overview

Gain up to 18 WHP and 19 Ft-lbs TQ with our complete Intercooler Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit!

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The factory TSI plastic charge pipes and rubber couplers were never designed to handle the stress and abuse of higher boost levels much beyond stock. When combined with power-robbing abrupt and sharp bends, inferior rubber material, and small diameter tubing, it's easy to see why your intercooler pipes and couplers should be replaced, even on stock vehicles. 

At ECS Tuning, we're proud to release our in house engineered High Flow Intercooler Charge Pipe Kit! Each kit comes standard with mandrel bent, wrinkle black powdercoated aluminum intercooler pipes, smooth flowing silicone couplers, MAP sensor hardware, stainless steel T-Bolt clamps, CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum charge pipe adapters and new OEM O-rings for an easy, direct bolt on. 

Capable of withstanding greater heat and higher boost pressure than stock, you can expect to achieve greater reliability, less turbulence and less restriction thanks to the larger diameter tubing and smooth silicone bends. Never worry about blowing couplers off of our tubes, as each tube is bead rolled and secured with stainless T-bolt clamps over our 4-ply reinforced silicone couplers.

Designed with a focus on improving performance all while maintaining OEM fitment with the use of quality parts, our engineers were able to design our kit to function and perform better than any other available kit on the market. Attention to detail is never missed here at ECS Tuning, and this kit is no exception. 

This kit includes the following:

  • High Flow Turbo Outlet Pipe Kit
    • CNC Aluminum Turbo Outlet Adapter & Seal
    • Silicone Turbo Outlet Coupler
    • 2.50" Side Pipe Intercooler Tube
    • Silicone Intercooler Inlet Coupler
    • CNC Aluminum Intercooler Inlet Adapter & Seal (for Gen1 TSI Engines w/ Clip Style Adapter) 
    • Stainless Steel T-bolt Clamps
  •  High Flow Throttle Pipe Kit
    • CNC Aluminum Intercooler Outlet Adapter & Seal (for Gen1 TSI Engines w/ Clip Style Adapter) 
    • Silicone Intercooler Outlet Coupler
    • 2.50" Throttle Pipe Intercooler Tube w/ MAP sensor hardware
    • Silicone Throttle Body Hose
    • Stainless Steel T-bolt Clamps

Key Features:

  • Reduces turbulence and increases air flow capacity
  • Gain up to 18 WHP & 19 FT-lbs of torque with APR stage 1 software, ECS 3.0" turboback exhaust and ECS induction system
  • Mandrel bent and bead rolled aluminum tubing, powder coated in tough wrinkle black finish
  • OEM like brackets secure our tubes in place, just as the OEM units were
  • Replaces all rubber hoses with 4-ply silicone upgrades
  • CNC machined MAP flange welded to factory position 
  • Eliminates Noise Pipe
  • Easy, direct replacement upgraded part
  • Installation PDF available 

**Fits 2.50" intercooler inlet / outlet in OE locations

Additional Information

Manufacturer ECS Tuning
Metal Finish N/A

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