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Your air intake system allows air to reach your car’s engine through three main components; an air filter, mass flow sensor and a throttle body. The oxygen in the air is a key ingredient for the combustion process in your engine. A good air intake system allows clean and fresh air to continuously flow into the engine giving you more power and increased gas mileage. Maintaining parts like the air filter and hose clamp connections will ensure proper efficiency of this system. carries all the components you need to maintain or upgrade your air intake system. If you’re in need of a few hose clamps, a check valve, or a hose connector to perform some light maintenance, we have what you need. Or, if you’re looking to add horsepower with a whole new Audi cold air intake system; we have those too. EuroSport Tuning has all of the MK5 performance parts you’ll ever need. We only carry the highest quality parts from the best aftermarket manufacturers of European automotive parts. We also offer wholesale pricing with lightning fast shipping. Ramp up your horsepower while supplying cleaner air to your engine when you upgrade to a performance air intake system from

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  1. ECS Heavy Duty Hose Clamp Kit

    For upper silicone boost hose from intercooler to intake pipe
  2. Billet Boost Tap Kit

    Taps in between manifold vacuum line to create a boost reference source - Includes clamps
  3. ECS Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold Cover

    Hand made carbon fiber cover replaces OEM plastic cover
  4. XAS Replacement Air Filter - 3" ID

    Original air filter from the XAS cold air kit
  5. HKS Adapter Flange O-Ring

    Used to seal the valve to the new adapter flange
  6. Silicone Turbo Inlet Hose

    Flexible silicone smooths the intake tract & hinders collapsing. The ultimate in durability!
  7. 3.0T Billet Boost Tap Kit

    Designed specifically for the 3.0T engine, comes with needed hardware
  8. ECS Tuning HKS Blow Off Valve Adapter Flange Kit

    Includes a plug for your factory diverter valve location
  9. Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake System

    In-house engineered to maximize intake airflow for dyno-proven, industry-leading power gains: up to 18hp and 13ft-lbs of torque - at the wheels!
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Items 1 to 10 of 945 total

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