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Your ignition system is what provides the spark to the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber that causes the pistons to churn. Timing is everything when it comes to proper combustion, and it’s important to have all the components of your ignition system in working order so your engine runs at its optimal level.

The ignition system is composed of parts such as coil packs, spark plugs, and ignition wires. Each component is vital, and failure of any of these parts can cause engine misfires and a check engine light to come on. Since each component works in conjunction, a methodical approach to diagnosing the problem is necessary to honing in on what the issue is. Start by making sure the spark plug is firing and work your way back through each component.

Eurosport Tuning offers a variety of Audi aftermarket parts and plenty of options for updating and replacing the components in your European car's ignition system. Whether you’re doing an overhaul of the ignition system or just need to replace one coil pack, has all of your ignition system auto parts, along with a huge selection of other performance parts for many European cars. Shop here and enjoy wholesale prices.

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