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Front CSL Big Brake Kit (345x28)

Front CSL Big Brake Kit (345x28)


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Front 6-Piston Big Brake Kit (382x36mm)


Front CSL Big Brake Kit Plus (345x28)

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Front CSL Big Brake Kit (345x28)

SKU: ES2804307

Quick Overview

Going from 315x28mm to 345x28mm rotors is as easy as a brake service!

Upgrade to ECS 2-piece E46 M3 CSL rotors for increased brake torque and thermal capacity. Reuse your existing calipers, pads, lines, and hardware.

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ECS Tuning engineers set out to offer a braking upgrade for the venerable E36 M3, and had several goals in mind: 

  • Increased brake torque
  • Increased thermal capacity
  • Inexpensive, readily available replacement pads and rotors

The result was a package that meets all of these requirements, and then some. With our custom-designed caliper bracket, your M3/Z3M can utilize our ECS 2-piece E46 M3 CSL rotors, delivering a beautiful, high performance braking package that fits behind 18" wheels, as well as some 17" big brake friendly wheels. 

What makes ECS 2-piece rotors so special?

  • Aluminum hats: To save weight, each rotor ring is bolted to a lightweight aluminum hat made from high quality 6061 aluminum, and hard anodized with an attractive matte black finish that is both durable and corrosion resistant.
  • Gray cast iron rings: Long known for its wear resistance and stable friction characteristics, cast iron is favored for brake rotors due to its ability to absorb and dissipate large amounts of heat.
  • 2-Piece construction: Conventional rotors are unable to cope with the stress of drastic heat fluctuations and are prone to warping. ECS 2-Piece semi-floating rotors allow the radial expansion of the rotor ring - preventing warping.
  • Heat treated: Heat treating of ECS 2-Piece rotors makes them stiffer and stronger - for improved performance and further prevention of warping.
  • Directionally veined: ECS 2-Piece rotors feature curved, directional veins that accelerate air away from the rotor at a higher velocity, leading to consistent, rapid cooling.
  • Drilled and slotted: 2-Piece rotors are cross drilled to promote cross ventilation for improved cooling as well as slotted to clean brake pads and carry away water and brake dust. Cleaner brake pads result in faster, more consistent stopping. Drilled holes are chamfered while slots are machined with a ball end mill - both to prevent cracking that may be present on improperly machined rotors.
  • Overall weight savings: This particular ECS 2-Piece rotor weighs only 18 lbs compared to a stock E46 M3 ZCP/CSL rotor at 19.1 lbs. Lighter rotors reduce unsprung weight and rotational mass to improve both braking and suspension performance.
  • Manufacturing quality: Non-friction ring surfaces, including internal vents, are painted to resist salt and other corrosives. Ground braking surfaces ensure rings run parallel, and pads bed easily.

Installation is as simple as any pad and rotor brake service. Reuse your existing calipers, pads, lines, and hardware. Looking to upgrade your pads at the same time? Choose from any E36 M3 or E46 M3 brake pad. 

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Manufacturer ECS Tuning
Metal Finish No

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BMW M3 1999 Coupe E36 L6 3.2L S52
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BMW M3 1995 Coupe E36 L6 3.2L S52
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